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Supplying anything from a shim to fully reconditioned front and rear axle units ready to bolt on. Whether it is for E-type, S-type, XJ6, XJS, XJ40, Kit Car or Custom Car, our parts and finished products are second to none.
We Set The Original High Standard That Everyone Trys To Follow Today

EBC GreenStuff
Fast Road Pads
Special Price
E-Type, 420, XJ, XJ12, Cobra

fit 3pot calipers

£54.00 set

Recon Uprights/Hubs
Still the best
£120.00 Each
Ready to fit

Stainless Steel Sleeved

Polyurethane Suspension bushes

Brake caliper singles
or car sets
& Fittings

Tel: 01206 386 986
Mail Order Service
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Our fully assembled axles come complete with reconditioned brake calipers and can be sent anywhere around the world and fitted to your chassis straight out of the box. All fixings are included, to make fitting hassle free.

We only supply components for Jaguar front and rear axles
The quality is second to none.

XJ40 Axle Spares
IRS Bleed Kit
Lock Wire

Pads, Bearings, Discs, Calipers,
Ball Joints, UJs,
Shoes, Bushes
XJ40 inc X300

IRS Remote Bleed Kit
Save time and no more sore knuckles
S/S Braided

Stainless Steel
Lock Wire
£1 per metre

2 sizes available


£72.50 for a set of 6 Polyurethane Bushes
To replace
2 x MMD3565AA, 2 x cac9493-50 ,2 x cac9494-65
XK8 - XKR 1996 - 2006
XJ8 - XJR 1997 - 2002
JAGUAR XJ40 X300 X308 XJ6 - XJ12 XJR 1995 - 1997



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IRS Handbrake calipers £48.50 each exchange

XJ40 ATE Rear brake caliper £79.50 each

1 Pair of XJ40 rear brake discs '86 - '89
£32 pair


We Stock a Range of Classic & Modern Jaguar Brake Calipers
Although we can recondition most calipers

Dunlop brake caliper piston cylinders resleeved

420, 420G, E-Type, Mark 10, S type, XJ6, XJS, X-Type, XJ8, XJ12, Soveriegn, Limousine, SP250, XK8.
, Rover, AC Cobra, Aston Martin, MGB, Ford

Caliper repair kits for Dunlop, Girling, ATE etc Also caliper pistons.
Outboard Brake Conversions
Please phone with you make and model


2 Upper and 2 Lower Ball joints
£48.00 delivered price within the UK mainland
not including Highlands & Islands
Fit:Mk2 59on, MK10, S-Type, 420G, Sovereign, XJ6, XJ12, XJS, XJ40, Cobra

Please note the following:
A 30% handling charge will be levied on over ordered goods and returned goods that are non faulty and goods used for trial without prior consent. No refund will be given unless items are as we supplied i.e. if you have painted or modified in any way or disasembled or damaged.
We will not refund any goods after 21 days of the invoice date.
We will not be responsible for an return carriage.
Exchange units must be returned within 8 weeks of the date on the invoice,
no refund will be given after this time unless otherwise agreed.
Exchange units must be serviceable and free from any damage.
Exchange calipers with broken bleed screws will only have half the surcharge refunded.
Any item that is to be returned must be authorised first.
If we agree to collect and replace an item then only the item in question will be collected not any additional items, such as the return of exchange calipers, differentials, hubs, drive shafts etc.
We can collect other items at the same time such as return calipers, differentials hubs, drive shafts etc but you will be charge for the collection of the additional items at a minimum of £12 but could be higher depending upon weight



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Polyurethane Suspension
Taper rollers

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