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The Ultimate Stopping Power...
You need to STOP and read this...
Whether you are rallying/racing or just driving to work your brakes are seriously important. EBC have formulated a brake pad material using Space Age Dupont Kevlar that will STOP YOU FASTER whatever your style of driving and bring you the best in brake pads. Simply exchange your standard pads for Greenstuff, no other changes are necessary.
EBC Greenstuff (Roadsport)
EBC Redstuff (Competition)
EBC Yellowstuff (Roadsport)
From the world's number one name in motorcycle racing comes a new tested and proven range of autosport brakes. EBC claimed over 80 racing titles in 1997 in the two wheel world and our first UK National saloon car title. The NEW Roadsport and Competition pad range is a natural progression of our research and technical expertise. With full "in house" DYNO TESTING we KNOW you will find the switch to EBC Greenstuff and Redstuff brake pads the best way to upgrade your brakes. Make the move TODAY... EBC Greenstuff for street use, EBC Redstuff for closed circuit use.
  • Maximum Stopping Power
  • Less Brake Fade
  • Kinder to Discs (kevlar is less abrasive
  • Reduced 'dusting' of wheels
  • Extended wear life
Greenstuff High Performance Street Use
High performance brake material with kevlar fibres that will deliver excellent braking efficiency ( m = 0.48) and durability. This high performance roadsport material still includes the attributes necessary for safe and effective road braking in intermittent traffic conditions whilst ready to deliver in depth braking power when called upon. Effective up to 500 degC for use with standard cast iron discs, vented or cross drilled. Do not overload pads for first 200 miles to allow pads to bed in to disc, especially if disc surface is imperfect.
Temperature (degC)
Redstuff Closed Circuit Racing Use
An advanced race material stable up to temperatures of 750 degC. EBC AF39 compound is designed for closed circuit competition use having a medium friction level ( m = 0.33). This carbon based material deposits a glaze or a coating on the brake disc upon which the pad operates. This means that some preparation or bedding of the disc when first installing to mate the pads will be necessary to bring the brake system up to maximum performance.
Temperature (degC)
EBC's Flagship race compound - Yellowstuff is our longest lasting full race compound, again exhibiting zero brake disc damage. Yellowstuff has a friction level ( m ) 0.34 average delivering awesome stopping power right up to 900degC. Rated BEST RACE CAR BRAKES max power UK99 brake test.
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