XJ6/XJS Reconditioned Exchange Hubs £120 each
XJ40 & X300 Reconditioned Exchange Hubs £120 each
Totally reconditioned rear hubs
All bearings are replaced and all adjustments taken care of
so that all you have to do is bolt them on
Even the bearings and cavities are packed with grease
Do Not Add VAT To These Prices

Please read below before sending your hubs.

Please note that if your uprights are covered in crud the price will be £134 each

When you send your hubs for reconditioning
Please make sure that they are complete, cleaned and with all components included below.
Check for hairline cracks just above the lower hub bearings and around the main bearing (see images)
(E-Type Series 2/3, XJ Series 1/2/3, XJS only. For others please call).
If any components are missing, the cost will be added to your total bill.
Please call if you are unsure.

Wheel bearing shim

Roll over the image for a larger view
Clean these areas well to check for cracks
Wheel bearing kits
Lower hub bearing kits
seals and shims
All available separately



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