Fully Reconditioned Rear Axles
Axles are completely stripped and examined for wear and all bearings, seals, brake discs, pads, and drive shaft Ujs replaced for new. Brake calipers and hand-brake calipers are fully reconditioned and zinc-plated as standard. Hub bearings, drive shaft Ujs and pivot bearings are all pre-packed with top quality high temperature grease. Differential internals are removed and checked for wear, all bearings and seals replaced, usually crown wheel and pinion are re-used but if found to be in poor condition, we will contact you. All pre-loads and end floats are reset as required. Reconditioned rear axle units are supplied assembled with all fixings ready to bolt on. Powder-coated axles are satin black as standard but various colours are available, alternatively axles can be zinc-plated.

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