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A 30% handling charge will be levied on over ordered goods and returned goods that are non faulty and goods used for trial without prior consent. No refund will be given unless items are as we supplied i.e. if you have painted or modified in any way or disasembled or damaged.
We will not refund any goods after 21 days of the invoice date.
We will not be responsible for an return carriage.
Exchange units must be returned within 8 weeks of the date on the invoice,
no refund will be given after this time unless otherwise agreed.
Exchange units must be serviceable and free from any damage.
Exchange calipers with broken bleed screws will only have half the surcharge refunded.
Any item that is to be returned must be authorised first.
If we agree to collect and replace an item then only the item in question will be collected not any additional items, such as the return of exchange calipers, differentials, hubs, drive shafts etc.
We can collect other items at the same time such as return calipers, differentials hubs, drive shafts etc but you will be charge for the collection of the additional items at a minimum of £12 but could be higher depending upon weight

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